Giorgio Armani/Prive Iris Céladon Edp

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Giorgio Armani/Prive Iris Céladon Edp. Tester bottles do not come with original box.

"Elusive - Elegant"

From Armani:
""The color Celadon is neither blue, green nor grey.  It's an indefinable color, and one that I find fascinating” - Giorgio Armani.

After fragrance notes of jasmine, leather, amber and incense, iris now comes to prominence. This mysterious and joyous flower offers a characteristic and penetrating olfactory treat. Here, it presents itself in its finest attire, enveloped in the unique colour of Celadon to create a new art piece within LA COLLECTION; an iridescent world and a new olfactory story.

As the unifying floral thread running through the wake of this fragrance, the iris is presented in aldehyde wrapped in bergamot and cardamom. The majestic flower then explodes into a resinous iris heart with hints of chocolate and concrete with buttery accents, underpinned by a maté absolute. It explores its sensual side through powerful musks, ambrette and patchouli. "