Giorgio Armani/Prive Ambre Eccentrico Edp

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Giorgio Armani/Prive Ambre Eccentrico Edp.

"Charismatic, Unconventional, Vibrant"

From Armani:

"Spanning 40 years of fashion, Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Privé collections tell a story of sophistication and surprise. An alternate, liberating history, curated by the artist himself in a masterful a tour de force.
Defying expectations, purity of line gives way to pure invention. Minimalism embraces the surreal. Precious materials are transformed into something unknown and intangible. Simplicity surrenders to the sublime. The eccentric becomes the virtuoso.

A powerful and unforgettable signature with ambery, woody notes. Pure instinct captured in a rush of emotion. Exceptional raw, natural materials sourced from Laos to Venezuela, indulge the senses in a cloud of seduction. Ambre Eccentrico envelops straight into the depth of the heart notes- amber wrapped in smoky benzoin, addictive vanilla and mysterious patchouli. With no top or middle notes, it is immediately charismatic.
The amber accord is reinvented- both powerful and unforgettable. "