Bvlgari - Le Gemme Lilaia Edp

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Bvlgari - Le Gemme Lilaia edp. Tester bottles do not come with the original box.

" Galbanum Essence , Mastic Absolute , Musk "

From Bvlgari:

"The treasured secret of Egypt’s Ancient Pharaohs The gem of renewal and change, the peridot takes us back to Ancient Egypt. A treasure from the time of the Pharaohs. Its golden “light-green” color is emblematic of life, prosperity and regeneration; it is the green of Mother Nature. The name Lilaia evokes a Greek Goddess of Spring who nurtures flowering, growth and rebirth. Its uplifting fragrance diffuses the captivating and rejuvenating energy of nature. Galbanum –Mastic Absolute – Musk"