Bvlgari - Le Gemme Calaluna Edp

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Bvlgari - Le Gemme Calaluna edp.Tester bottles do not come with the original box.

"White IrisHeliotrope Sandalwood"

From Bvlgari:

"From the wondrous and thriving lands of Sri Lanka… The moonstone, the guardian angel of femininity. Possessed with the powers attributed to the moon, such as receptivity, intuition and magnetism, moonstones bring women into harmony with their nature. Calaluna is an evocative name that pays homage to an idyllic bay in Sardinia where the sand, reflecting the water, has a moonlit hue. Its white, milky fragrance envelops you in a unique aura of comfort, protection and well-being. White Iris – Heliotrope – Sandalwood "